Michael Kors

FINALLY, MY SHOES CAME TODAY! AND I LOVE THEM!!! They’re so glittery and sooo fabulous, so fetch. Sorry, currently listening to a gossip girl playlist. I really get the 00’s feeling.

I hope that sometime this week I get my phone back, I miss it so much. It feels like I’m zoomed out from life, but it’s a pretty good feeling, not gonna lie to you. I get kind of restless, and I sit with my computer more. But, I think I’m going to use my phone less actually, I don’t feel the same need to watch Instagram all the time or go on snapchat.

3 years ago I did a 30-day challenge, removing all my social media from my phone. I didn’t remove snapchat because that’s the way I communicate with people, I don’t have any of my friend’s phone numbers. And it really changed my need for using social media. And I’m going to unfollow so many unnecessary accounts on Instagram when I get my phone back. People that I don’t even know, post-famous people, bad meme accounts. I really look forward to it, starting over. 20180730_184451

THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE THEM!! Hahaha I’ve stepped around in them all day20180730_184821

Couples tag #2

How long have you been in a relationship?

WE: 6 months on Thursday, 2 August, but technically almost a year in October.

Who is tidier? 

ME: Me, because I always throw my stuff in a corner on into my closet

HIM: Her, it just feels like it

Who snores while sleeping?

ME: Him, it’s like an air compressor

HIM: Her, it sounds like a trainwreck

What is the favorite TV show of your partner?

ME: Game Of Thrones, he LOOOOVES Kit Harrington

HIM: Grey’s Anatomy, she thinks she becomes so smart and doctory when she watches it

How many siblings your partner has?

ME: He has 7 siblings, and one step sister. And he turned out to be the cutest.

HIM: 2

Who is your partner’s enemy?

ME: No one, it’s really weird. Like he’s good to everyone? But that’s cute. He’s my little angel.

HIM: Everything that lives and breathes

What three habits are common in your partner?

ME: get to sleep late, singing Swedish songs that literally no one knows, lets me fall asleep on skype

HIM: Falling asleep, being a hypochondriac, breaks my fingers.

Earliest to bed?

ME: Me, because I hate to wake up late and not do anything with my day.

HIM: Her, because she is so goddamn perfect all the time

What is your partner’s most likely to get famous for?

ME: He is really good at playing guitar, so probably that. He also hangs around in the area where famous gamers live. So maybe that. I actually don’t know.

HIM: Blogging

Who calls their parents the most?

ME: Him, he calls his mom a lot. it’s really cute, and she’s so funny.

HIM: Me, because I love my mom.



Read,read and reading

Today I haven’t done anything at all, I woke up at like 9 AM, I was on the computer for like an hour. Then I went to our living room, and guess who fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later? Typical me, I’ve also readen and now my book is done, I had like 150 pages left of ”Me Before You”, that book is so sad. I cry so so much every time I read that book. And watch the movie! The movie is so good and almost a little bit breathtaking and they didn’t change the happenings a lot. I haven’t read the second book, and I’m so thrilled to read about what happens with Lou and if she finally steps outside her comfort zone.

Which book do you read right now?

I bought a new lamp yesterday at IKEA, the lamp is called ”YPPERLIG” it translates to Excellent on English if somebody cares. Everything in my room is dark, so I have a really hard time seeing this lamp when it’s turned off. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve hit my head on that thing today, but it looks like a ufo so it doesn’t matter that it hurts me.

I thought it would look inspo with a picture of my bedside table? what do you think? For those of you who don’t know, I actually have glasses. I never use them, it’s reading glasses. I haven’t worn these in like a year…



Showing some stuff from H&M, Boozt

I’m so so sorry for being away! I HATED IT!!!!! But my phone is finally in on repair, and I haven’t been able to take any pictures. But today I got the brilliant idea, I can’t believe that I didn’t get it before? I thought that I had high IQ, apparently not. I took my dad’s phone and snapped some pictures, I’ve done so many fun things this week and I wish I had that brilliant idea then, too late now.

So the only post I can offer you today is a haul, I don’t know if you like it or if you hate it? Let me know!


All these shirts are from H&M, I also ordered a pair of shoes, a belt, and a pajama. But it wasn’t that fun to show so I just took pictures of this. If you want to see the belt, shoes, or pajamas comment!

I think these piece of clothing is sooo cute, and it’s really my style. I love that shirt that looks like a peplum top, the second picture. And do you like this collage? does it look good?

Like 4 post’s ago I did a ”thing from Nelly” and I showed you this backpack! I bought it as you can see, it’s from ”Day Birger Et Mikkelsen”. I think it’s so cute, and I almost want to begin school again, but I’m so well prepared. So that’s why. Should I do a ”back to school” series? I bought this bag from Boozt ❤

I’m also waiting for a pair of Michael Kors shoes to get home, they’re so pretty!!!
I’m really a shopaholic, I need to stop. Can anybody give me some tips to stop comfort shop? I ordered the shoes from Nelly.com

Btw, did anyone see the lunar eclipse? Blood moon? or whatever you call it, I, my little brother and father went to a mountain and we saw it so good, wish I had a phone so I could show you some pictures!

But I’m finally going to sleep now, I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow but I’m going to post frequently again! I’ve missed this blog so so so much!!!

”Me Before You”

Today I’ve just been home, I thought of going home to my boyfriends but it got so late and I started reading a book instead. HAHA, it’s ”Me Before You” I’ve read that book before, but I saw on my friends snapchat the other day that she listened to it, and I’ve thought of it the whole week almost.

I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow either, probably just visit my boyfriend. I miss him so so much, we’re talking on skype right now. But it’s thundering right now, so maybe I have to drag the internet and all that stuff out so it doesn’t break. I hate when it thunders and lightning.

Goodnight my darlings! 

Birsta City and Boat Trip!

I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday, but I had so much going on!

So yesterday, I, my cousin and her boyfriend went to that shopping mall Birsta City,Sundsvall. We looked around but didn’t find something special, well her boyfriend bought to shorts on H&M. Later we went and ate at IKEA and they needed to buy 2 pair of sheets, they’re going camping, glamping.

I bought some stuff on DollarStore!! One Playboy-kit with showergel and deodorant! And tanning mousse, so now I look tan and pretty!

After we got home we took the boat and went out and looked for some fish, but we didn’t find any!

Today, we went up so early that I almost fell alseep before, haha. But there’s an island here where they have a lightninghouse on Högbonden. We needed to take a boat/ferrie there. But it was fun! And my cousins dog was sooo happy.

Finland is not far from here!

I love it here! But tomorrow we’re going home… and it’s the VM football final!!! So exciting!! I think Croatia wins!

Who do you think wins?


AND WE’RE HERE! I took 9,5 hours to drive here and we ate at IKEA, haha. After we got here we ate steak/BBQ, then my cousin and her boyfriend went to a sea nearby and took a bath.

It’s so fun here! Although we’ve only been here for 4-5 hours. Tomorrow it’s going to rain so I think we’re going to a mall nearby, it’s not set in stone yet. We talked about it a little.

On the road here I ‘played’ Duolingo, you know that app where you learn languages. I’m trying to learn German, well, I already know a bit. But not so much that I can speak a whole sentence. And I’ve had German classes for 3 years. And the only thing I can say is “Ich bin 15 Jahre alt”.

Here we have Högakustenbron, it’s so beautiful! I love northern Sweden. They talk so fun here!