He’s my calm place

I met my boyfriend yesterday and I’ve missed him so so much, we haven’t seen each other in 3 weeks, but he was at a driver school in Sweden and took his drivers license, and HE MADE IT! I’m so happy for him ❤️ I always get so calm when I meet him, it’s like […]

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So I’m going to jump on this trend-train! I looked up 2 photos from 2009, and I was 6-7 years old back then, a cute little bean. With a really ugly haircut, well if somebody would style it for me it would’ve looked good, but it just looked like a torn Target shoe sole. but […]

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My goals breakfast

My school started today so I woke up a little bit earlier today because I made waffle batter last night, it was a good start to a really sucky day actually. But I have a break in 5 weeks again, so it’s not that bad, I’ll survive, I always survive. I was just going to […]

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The unsinkable ship

So today me, my mother and big brother was at the Titanic exhibition, I was so excited because I thought it would be a little bit different from last year when the exhibition was in Örebro, this time it was in Gothenburg. Little did I know, when I walked in there everything was exactly the […]

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MK sneakers

We didn’t go to the Titanic exhibition today because we woke up too late, but we have booked tickets for tomorrow so that’s going to be really fun. I will also be going to the MK store and see if I can buy a new phone case, I actually got an iPhone XR as a […]

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