7 tips how to drag yourself to school

Okay I wasn’t in school today because I was tired, but days like this I need tips how to go to school the next day.

1. Go to bed early, that’s the best tips ever. If you go to bed late you become more tired and you want to sleep more.

2. Don’t spend you day in bed if you don’t go to school or on sundays, because it becomes more harder when you try to sleep. Because you’ve been comfy all day.

3. Don’t sit with your phone before bed, I know this one is crazy, because everyone loves watching memes the last thing on the day. Science says that you should quit watching your phone half an hour before bed because the radiation from the phone is dangerous and has bad effects on your sleep. But that’s crazy, so my tip is…. Watch your phone put it away then brush your teeth and go to bed. Thoose 3 minutes are better than no phone free minutes at all. Am I right?

4. Have a fun phone alarm, we all hate that typical boring ringtone (you know wich one I mean?) Instead have the playtime ringtone (if you have Iphone) or if you have android you could download some cool ringtone apps.

5. Don’t drink energy drink, I need to listen to myself on this one…. If i drink an energydrink I stay up all night… it doesn’t matter when I drink it, I can drink it in the morning and still be so awake in the middle of the night.

6. When you go to sleep you need to be exhausted in your body and not in your head. So my tip is that you get out and do something or vaccumclean the whole house or something. Don’t stay in bed all day…

7. Pepp yourself to go to school, this one is important.

You can do it!
So I hope my motivation to go to school and sleep early was good.


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