If I woke up as a animal

Okay, I know this is a weird topic. Hahaha, but if I woke up as a animal I would like to wake up as an Orca. Orcas are beautiful animals and they are my favorite animal.
They are both beautiful and they are free , and they have the whole oceans to them self. Or, they had before we humans took over everything in the world and started to catch them and use them as entertainment (don’t support orca captivity).

I really like the ocean and other marine things, I would like to be a marine biologist.
I don’t know why I like the ocean so much but it’s so interesting, it’s a whole other world under the ocean. So many species live there and we have only explored about 3% of the oceans. I think there are alot more species to find and research about.
There are different orcas and I think I would like to be a resident Orca (they eat small fishes and they are not dangerous for humans because they only eat fish) or a North Atlantic Orca, the environment up there are breathtaking, but again. We humans destroy our own world. I think that terrifying, my future children may never get to live in a time when Polar Bears exist, because the Poles are melting.


Orcas at Tysfjord, Norway

Picture taken from google.

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