In 10 years.

In 10 years I hope I am happy, and if I still study, I hope that I’m studying to become an architect or maybe an marine biologist. I hope I have a own apartment in Gothenburg, or with my boyfriend, because he is the best person ever.

In my apartment I hope I have a kitchen-island, then every morning I could eat a quick breakfast there and after that I could walk my dogs, I would like to have 2 dogs. Alaskans Malamutes, but the need snow and motion, and I can’t give them that. I would also like to have Shih tzus, but they bark alot, don’t they?

Have you ever seen Bridget Jones diary? I would like my life to be as crazy as hers, but I already found my prince but you get the hang of it. I wan’t all of the Bridget Jones stuff except the boyfriend. Daniel was an asshole anyways, and Mark was a little bit boring.

I would like to be healthy, I’ve had alot of sickeness in my life. I’m done with that hospital chapter, well. I’m waiting for a doctors appointment right now.

Well this is just some of the things I wan’t to do, omg I thought I would be super cool taking pictures of my bed. nope. not at all. Look at my pillows tho, they are really satisfying, when you pet it it changes color.

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