Yesterday me, my mom and father were in Gothenburg, my mom was at a meeting or something like that and when she was there I and dad was shopping. I can show you what I bought if you want to? I think I’ve forgotten to tell you that I had spring break this week, hahaha but school starts on Monday again ūüė¶

Wish it was school break¬†forever… But when we were¬†in Gothenburg we fika¬†(a Swedish¬†word for a snack)¬† at a place called Le Pain Francais, it’s super yummy.
Today I’ve been home all day, first I did my nails then I drove my little brother¬†to the gym, after that I edited a video for youtube… yes, I did a youtube channel, very¬†excited¬†about that. And when my brother got home again we watched Assasins creed, the¬†whole family, or almost my big brother is at a concert.

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