Review: One by Sarah Crossan

One by Sarah Crossan is written 2016, the book has won Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Award and many more awards. 

Tippy and Grace are conjoined twins, they share everything together. One day their parents tell them that they’re gonna start in a private school because they can’t afford to homeschool anymore.  This is a story about finding the first best friends, mean glances… and the first love. Some things start to change, and they come to the hardest decisions in their life.

I think this book was really good, the book is written in a poem style. So the chapters are really short, but the author writes so beautifully. The story about the twins is so awful and horrific. Many times in the book I got tearful eyes. I don’t know if the woman who wrote this book know any conjoined twins, and I don’t know if it’s like this in real life. But this book opened up my eyes, I’ve never met any conjoined twins. Never, and this book opened up my eyes, that they exist.

It’s a really good book, especially if you like drama books and young adults books.



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