Haul of yesterday at Gekås Ullared!

I thought I was gonna show what I bought yesterday! Nothing special… But I like hauls so, have you used some of these products? Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it! 🙂 

This is wet n wild’s contour stick, I liked it very much! I had it on today, it wasn’t bad! I like cream contours more than powder contour!

I bought some candy… I LOVE CAPRI-SUN BY THE WAY!!!! I drink it so much… I have an unhealthy relationship with Capri-sun, I’m not even joking…

I always have a ruler by my side, is that weird? I like to measure things… I bought an eyebrow razor… Going to fix my brows. Jeffree Star said that this wet n’ wild highlighter was super good, but it wasn’t blinding… I bought it in the shade ”precious petals”. Then I bought some mini hair-bands.

I didn’t want to show the underwear I bought so, so you get a sneak peak. I feel like everyone have that acrylic makeup organizer, so I bought one too, and it’s so practical. And I bought Therese Lindgren’s own lipgloss, it’s so cute! I bought it in the shade Vanilla. 100 nails from kiss to, I need them for my gel nails.


This is how the makeup organizer went! I think it’s pretty cute. By the way, LOVE those lipsticks from benefit!

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