I’ve ordered some dresses

Im 2 weeks my school is going to end. I’m done with my primary school now, so this fall I’m beginning a gymnasium. Gymnasium, is the school after high school in Sweden. You quit high school when your 16th years old.

Anyways, so I’ve ordered 2 dresses. One for the exam, and one for the dinner we’re going to have after. For all the 9th graders, I’m a 9th grader.

One of the dresses came today, it’s the dress I’m going to have on the exam. But today I ordered the dress for the dinner, I’m going to look like a princess in that dress. I’m so excited 😍😍

Right now I’m watching a documentary, it’s about Pixar. It’s really intressing actually. I had no idea that Steve Jobs was a part of it?? Well a little bit because I’ve watched all of his documentaries too…

Now I’m just waiting for the second dress!!

Goodnight my loves! ❤

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