Some pictures from Poland!!

So 1 one week ago I was in Poland with all the 9th graders in my school.

Here are the pictures!!

soo we began our trip with a boat from Sweden to Poland, nothing special.

because it was a bus trip we went with a bus everywhere. Quit fustrating because everyday we had a 7 hour long bustrip.

at firsr we visited Częstochowa to see the Black Madonna, to be fair. The Black Madonna was everywhere, where was the real Black Madonna???

we also visited auswitch, here is the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign, it was real though to go around there.

also a pick from auswitch, I watched the boy in the striped pyjamas with my boyfriend once. Not even thinking about what it was about or where it was. The real family who loved there had no idea what happend only a hundred a meters from them.

Here is Auswitch-Birkenau, the place where they only killed the people who got there. In Auswitch they worked until they got killed, or have I got it wrong?? Please tell me otherwise.

we walked around in Krakow, ir was real beautiful there. Aswell in Warsawa, we visited Warsawa too. But I don’t have any pictures there.

all the stores where closed in Krakow so we visited a café instead. They had so many different ice creams. And it was so good!!

Look how beautiful these horses are, they do not deserve the tradgedy they go through. These horses look some what healthy, but when you visit spain for an example. The horses are so sick, and skinny. It’s a terrible business.

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