What have I done today?

I’ve done nothing at all today. Well I watched 2 movies, and I’ve eaten a shit ton of things. I’ve also scrolled through Maddie Zieglers Insta a hundred times because her life is literally goals.

I watched the dressmaker and some movie about a zoo in Poland in the second world war. It was terrefying because all the animals got bombed. And then Hitlers zoologist came and took the last animals.

It’s a school day today, as every day. But I fail to do everything now aday, can’t even drag myself up from my bed. I’m so done. But tomorrow I have to go because I’m going to Gothenburg to paint with mt bestfriend after school, it’s the last time.

Right now I’m waiting to call my boyfriend, I miss him so much. Going to see him on friday again, we haven’t seen each other in 2 weeks 😔❤

I found a really funny picture I draw 2010, hahaha it’s myself. I had verry short hair then and a fringe.

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