13 Reasons Why : My Opinion


A couple of weeks ago the new season of 13rw aired. It was about Hannahs trial, the trial so she would get her justice.

I think season 2 was a very hard and tragic season to watch. Some things were great, like when Zach told us about him and Hannah. But things went less great when he told the judge that he didn’t want his friends to know about them, so they broke up.

Justin Foley also came back, but as a drug addict but Clay and Sheri took care of it, and I’m really happy that Clay’s parents did what they did. Adopted Justin, that was a really kind gesture of them to do. I think Clay needs Justin, they balance each other up.

But the thing I wanted to talk about is the last episode, I love this series. I’ve read the book, as soon Selena announced that she was going to produce the series. But even though I love this series, I must say, that the last episode was very graphic. But the series is about awful things, I’ve seen far worse things in The Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf. I think it’s so extreme because you know this series is about real stuff. This is not fictional, it’s real. And it happens around the world. Males also get raped, it isn’t just girls… They showed us when Jessica, Hannah, and Chloé got raped.

And it’s so sad that Hannah didn’t get her justice, but because this series needs to be so realistic as possible, they needed to do that. Because not many people get justice. And it breaks my heart that Bryce only got 3 months for what he did to Jessica, and Justin got 6 months? Justin didn’t do anything. But he didn’t stop it…

Only 6 of 1000 rapists get to prison.

This series is a great way to talk about it.

Anyways! That was my post about that, please let me know in the comments what you thought about this season!


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