So as you know I was at Liseberg yesterday, my whole family went minus my big brother. So it was really fun! We didn’t go on any roller coaster, we were there for the haunted houses.

And they really freaked me out, I woke up this night and I was so scared, let me tell you, so I watched youtube and prayed that I would go back to sleep in peace, and I had a nightmare to, but I can’t remember it, and I’m super scared that I will have one tonight also, because I’ve watched arrow all day.

Writing this I’m realizing that I must have the most boring blog on earth…

Halloween is my favorite ”holiday??” because I love all the colors in the dark, Christmas has beautiful colors too, but it’s normally just white and silvers and light light blue. I like the screaming colors more!

Look at all these beautiful screaming colors! And this particular roller coaster gave me the biggest Tivoli feelings ever! You know those small that road trip around the country

4 thoughts on “Liseberg

      1. Then you are in for a treat! In my opinion, the best season is season 1, 2 and 6 and 7. Season 1 is the absolute best though. Season 3 was meh, but it gets better.


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