I suck at this

I’m so so sorry, I said I would get better at psoting. And I hope I really get better this time! Because I literally love writing, and especially to write diaries. That was my thouhgt with this blog, having it like a diary.

But it didn’t go as planned, I’ll tell you that storry another day. It’s not a super long story, and I don’t want it to sound like I hate somebody. Because I don’t, I just hate the fact that this blog doesn’t feel like mine anymore.

Anyways, yesterday was Christmas! So I wish you all a good new year! And that you had a great christmas, I defiantly had. We celebrated at my grandmas, and it’s so fun there. I really had a great time with my cousins, and I’m so thankful for my family and relatives. And friends of course, the few I have left. Haha! That was a joke.

What have you guys done this chrismtas? And did you have a good time! Tell me

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