Goals for 2019

Happy new year everybody, I hope that you all had the best start of 2019, and that you have big goals for this year. I don’t know if this is usual in the whole world, but in Sweden, we have a thing called ”New year promises” and a summary of that, is that you make promises to yourself you’re going to fulfill under the year.

I’ve never made a new year promise, and I don’t intend to do one either, so this year I’m going to set up goals for myself. And I’m going to list them here.

1. Getting kinder to people

I often feel mean, I don’t know if other people would see me as a rude person. But either way, it’s not a word I want to be associated with. I also believe in Karma, and I want to have good Karma in my life. So I will no longer, or try to no longer be rude, not even the slightest thing. This goal counts everything, even at home if I answer my parents with an irritated tone. So this is the thing I will work with the most under the year, I really believe that nothing good comes out from evil.

2. Vegetarian

For some years now I wanted to become a vegetarian, and the only thing that has stopped me from it is cowardness. So this year I’m going to stop eating everything that contains a dead animal, and I’ve actually started with this ”project” (Can you call it that?) for a while now. But I’m going to fulfill it this year. I’m going to keep you guys updated.

3. This blog

I’m going to continue with this blog as much that I can, because it feels so good to write. I’ve always kept a diary. I want to be able to go back in time and read about what I did that day, felt that day. Everything, I really want to be able to feel things again. I also take more pictures because of the blog, and I’m so thankful for that. So I’m going to put more effort and energy in this blog next year, not just for you guys. But for me.

4. Be more spontaneous

5. Stress less.


Have you made ay goal for this year? Comment what goals you’ve made!

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