Last day of schoolbreak

I have my last days of school break now, I begin again on Tuesday. And I’m actually stressed, really stressed. I got good grades last semester, but it was really hard and hectic. I never had time to do anything fun, but it’s only 2 and a half year left now. I’m not going to quit now, never.

But otherwise, tomorrow me and my family is going to a Titanic exhibition. We’ve already been there before, but my brother hasn’t so. Then I’m going to sleep for the rest of my break haha, or take it really slow. My boyfriend was here this week, and I really miss him. We’re going to meet again in about 3 weeks, he’s going to a drivers school for 2 weeks and take his drivers license. So that’s really fun for him!

But see you guys tomorrow, I’m going to sleep now. It’s 3:00 AM, oops, need to fix my sleeping schedule again…



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