MK sneakers

We didn’t go to the Titanic exhibition today because we woke up too late, but we have booked tickets for tomorrow so that’s going to be really fun. I will also be going to the MK store and see if I can buy a new phone case, I actually got an iPhone XR as a Christmas present.

Today I was at my grandma and grandpa, I took a ton of clothes with me and thought that I could take a lot of pictures for a haul. But we sat and talked and ate cake, we have a really good word for that in Sweden, we took a ”Fika”. But I managed to take at least 3 outfit photos, but they looked like trash…

I really want summer now, I miss the sun. So so much. It’s like living in a cave, the sun sets at like 3 PM. The day hasn’t even started at that point?

I also got a new pair of MK shoes as a Christmas present, and I’m in love. And I haven’t worn them yet, but when it gets warmer outside I will wear them every day with these jeans.

The jeans are from NA-KD.

MK sneakers, Michael kors sneakers

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