Sunday, funday?

It has snowed so much here in Sweden today! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it, haha. But there’s no good place for taking pictures of it near me, so that’s actually really sad. But tomorrow when I’m in Gothenburg I’ll try to take some pictures!

I’ve tried to study today, but I haven’t found the motivation nor the energy. So I’ve been sitting in our living room all day, but that’s good too, you have to relax sometime!

My plans for the week you might be asking? School school school, but I also have some really fun blogpost’s in mind and I’m also going to the doctor this week because I have the worst period cramps, I start throwing up and it’s so crazy, so I’m going there and we’ll see if they can find a solution.

I’m also going to meet with my boyfriend both this Tuesday and this weekend, we celebrate our one year anniversary this Saturday. I can’t believe it’s already gone a year? So crazy.

My lips are now chapped and my feet and legs have lotion on them, (I sound like an old lady, don’t I?) so I’m ready for sleep, going up 5AM tomorrow, so not fun.

I always eat waffles or pancakes for breakfast, this was my breakfast this morning.
American pancakes with bananas

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