Winter wonderland.

Who else can agree on that snow looks beautiful and fun but actually is a pain in the ass? ME! I love it when it comes to skiing and you know winter stuff, but just plain half melted snow, NO. We actually have a word for that in Swedish, slask. I’m so ready for spring, spring is my favorite season. I love it when the birds start to sing and all the leaves on the trees go green, not that dark green but that bright neon green, I just get so happy.

I’m going to look at another school next week, I’m actually super nervous. I don’t want to leave some of my classmates, but I don’t feel at home at this school I go to now,  my school isn’t bad, but I don’t like it cause it’s so noisy, and I end up doing everything at home, but maybe it’s like this in all schools, so if I don’t like this new school next week I will not change. I think they have a better schedule tho, some of you guys know that I have 1,5 to 2 hour way every way. So I spend a lot of my time on a bus, but I’m not complaining, it was my own decision to choose a school so far away from me, and I’m glad that I did, I’ve grown so much as a person.

My father drove me to my bus this morning because it was to much snow for me to drive with my little plastic car (mopedbil), I want to be 18 soon so I can take my real drivers license and drive a car that has more than 5 horsepowers. HAHA sometimes it’s a miracle that I can get forward with that little mini car, but I love it, it’s my little baby.

This was our tired Gothenburg today, I don’t think Gothenburg likes the snow either. But look at that beautiful building, Gothenburg has so many fascinating architectures.


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