Ice skating

So last PE lesson we had in school, we went to an ice rink in Gothenburg and ice skated! It was so much fun, I haven’t ice skated since they shut down our local ice rink, it must be at least 5 years ago now. I really miss those days when the whole family took a super small trip with some picnic and had a great day, for an example, hiking in the mountains or taking a boat trip.

I experience that I have more spare time than before, I also have A LOT of more energy, and I don’t know where to put all this energy and time. So I was thinking of starting my dance again, but it would not fit with my school schedule, so I have no idea what to do. I want to meet new people, begin in a sport and do something fun.

I was at a cheerleading try out last year, and I’m ashamed because I thought I was really bad (they’re probably still laughing behind my back, HAHA) but the leaders mailed me back and wanted to put me with the girls one year younger than me, but I said no to that offer. Kinda regret it now, but my school is 2 hours away from that team, so it wouldn’t work out anyway.

I’ve also ridden horses, I did it for 4-5 years. It was also fun, but one of the horses farted me in the face, so I quit. I danced ballet for some while, it was so much fun! But I got sick and didn’t want to continue. The rest of the time I’ve danced street and jazz.

So I’m trying to think of a sport I can begin in, do you guys have any idea? It can be from karate to sailing, it could be anything. (but preferably an all-around sport, and not a summer or winter sport)

Ice skating Heden Gothenburg
I feel bad for the person who’s falling in the left corner…


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