I crashed my car.

I thought this weekend would be great, well Saturday evening- Monday morning was good. But my weekend started really bad.

So it started with me walking out of school, my school has 4 floors, and there are more floors above, but we can’t go up there. So my last lesson was on floor 3, and when I opened the door to the stairwell, some alarm went off. It started blipping but I thought it was the door that was old, but then it came again. AND ALL THE DOORS IN THIS STAIRWELL STARTED ALARMING? I just ran away, haha I had a bus to catch.

When my bus arrived at my stop, I jumped in my little car. And I started to drive home, it has been really snowy the last week here in Sweden, but I’ve been able to drive my car anyway. So you can probably tell where this story is going… We have a really long hill up to our house, and sometimes can’t even snowplows drive up for it. I put my foot on the gas, and I don’t think I’ve ever pushed as hard. But the car started to slow down in the middle of the street… and there’s this small little parking spot right where the car decided to stop, but it had a lot of snow on it… and you know, an intellectual like me, tried to drive across the street and park there. BUT THE CAR GOT STUCK IN ALL THAT SNOW.

Mopedbil i snö, mopedcar in snow

So the first thing I did was to have a photo shoot with my little plastic car. Then I called my mom and she came and tried to help me, but the car wouldn’t move. The car was across the street literally, It took up a whole file.

A random guy in a BMW came and helped us after a while, we tried to get it up but we ended up putting it in my old school’s parking lot.

Somewhere in all this drama, my favorite jacket broke, you know that leather jacket with teddy in it.

Me and my boyfriend with panda face masks

Me and my boyfriend last night.

My boyfriend was supposed to come home to me on Friday evening, but it was to much snow where he lives so he couldn’t drive. He came on Saturday though, and we had such a fun weekend, not the weekend we planned. But the weather here in Sweden ruined it.

But after my terrifying Friday, my weekend has been so good.

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