Valentine day gifts for him and her!

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So I’ve made collages of thing that you could give to your girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, mom/dad for an example on valentines day! Yo don’t have to spend valentines day with your partner, the important thing on this day is to show your love and appreciation for someone.

Valentine day gift's

1 2, 3 , 456789101112(Click on the numbers)

I love all these pieces, and I’m sure your loved one will too! It’s something in all the price classes, so it’s ”budget” and ”luxury”. I wanted to show you some more thing that didn’t fit in in this college. These sunglasses(click here) I would kill for them, they are so gorgeous.I’m also a sucker for headbands(click here) so I wanted to link a pair. And this facemask(click here) could never go wrong! It seems so fun!

And here’s some for the guys out there!

Valentine day gift's for him123456789101112(Click on the numbers)

As you can see I used the same watch 2 times, but that’s because I think it’s so darn stylish! I almost got my boyfriend that one in birthday present, but it was sold out 😦
And you know there’s no such thing as girl and boy things, everyone should wear the things they’re comfortable with, I organized this way because it was simpler.

I hope you guys liked this post, I thought it was super fun to choose out what I like and what not.

(This post contains adlinks)

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