My past few days.

My past few days have been very fun but also exhausting, but I have one week of school break now so that feels so great. So I’m going to figure out fun things to do!

Anyways, I want to tell you guys about my stressful past 3 days. It has been so hectic, it all started out with my school having a day off this Wednesday, I was supposed to work on my presentation I had to Friday, but guess who procrastinated it to Thursday night? ME.

So I woke up on Thursday and I felt good, I did my hair and it looked so nice, but it started pouring outside. Then my teacher emailed me that we were going to visit the natural history museum of Gothenburg. Fun you may think, yes I thought that too, at first. Me and my friend took the tram and we decided to walk for a bit, but this walk was 2 KILOMETERS IN ICE COLD POURING RAIN. It was somewhat funny there, I’ve been there before so many time, but we looked for different skulls this time to our assignment.

Elephant in Natural History museum Gothenburg, Elefant på naturhistoriska i GöteborgButterflies at Natural History museum gothenburg, Fjärilar på naturhistoriska museet göteborg,

I think it’s devastating with dead animals, especially the way they were killed, if you want to stuff an animal they can’t die of natural causes. But the blue whale they have died natural, it drifted into a beach in Gothenburg, it later died there.

Selfie (Here you have a silly photo on me)

But back to my presentation, I did it the very last minute, I didn’t even practice. I was so nervous when I stood in front of my class and presented it, but my teacher asked me if she could use my presentation as an example because it was so good!

Today me and my father visited the annual boat exhibition here in Gothenburg, it was super fun as always. But we didn’t buy a boat nor the shirt I now regret that I didn’t buy. This boat thing is really super fun, I like boats. I wish that I one day own a really big boat, almost a yacht.

Boat exhibition Gothenburg, båtmässan göteborg

I don’t have anything more planned this week, my cousin is visiting me someday. But I have no idea what to do with the rest of the days, but I’ll figure out something.

Selfie in mirror(Here behind me you can see the shirt I regret I didn’t buy, it now only exist in my memory as Rose once said)

I’m going to sleep now, goodnight darlings!

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