School tomorrow

AND IT GIVES ME ANXIETY, I haven’t felt like this in a year. My stomach has completely crumbled, and I don’t want to go there tomorrow. I said no to the other school, and I’m happy that I did. Because I would lose all my grades, but I can’t go where I am now. I can’t point out what’s wrong, it’s just overall. Two idiots in one of my classes, who won’t leave me alone.

But I’ll fight through this semester, then I’m going to find a solution over summer. I will figure out something good, I can’t quit school, ’cause it’s really fun to learn. I hate math, but when you get the hang of it I can sit for hours, (the only problem is, that we go through our math books so fast that you don’t really learn something) But I like to get smarter, to know what I argue about, so that I can win.

There are schools in Sweden where you can study from home, but only a few, and they’re really far from Gothenburg. And it won’t get better sitting at home all day either, I have to come up with something. I really have anxiety over this. And I thought that a hairmask and a facemask would solve all my problems before. Haha, that was the first thing I did after my boyfriend left before! Now, I’m going to play some glee music and jump into the shower!

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It looks really fun to study, haha wish it felt the same! Feels real sucky to spend the last night on your break on math…

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