Old photos of me

I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog post like this before! So this is going to be really fun! I sat and looked through old photos that I have on my computer and I’ve got some here for you.

I thought that we could begin with the newest photo, this was taken this summer. At Liseberg in Gothenburg, I always buy a pair of rabbit ears when I’m there? HAHA. I have a really weird collection…

Photo taken at Liseberg Gothenburg
This picture was taken so many years ago that I don’t even remember when… But I know that we were in Denmark, we used to go there every year before. And I’m really sure that I’m taken pictures on my little brother that really needed to pee. HAHA, THAT’S PROBABLY WHY I’M LAUGHING.

Denmark Skagen

On this picture, I was probably only 6 years old, or like 7. We were out with my grandma’s boat. And I used to have a PET bottle in lace so I threw it in the water and watched it ride after us.


Here’s the drama queen, me, in a little village in Norway 2016. But I’m really extra like this, I always do ugly faces or look really stupid in photos. And it’s sad to watch back on ”silly” photos. I want nice photos of me so I can show you guys!

Norway Risör

This picture was taken in 2013, and why do I look so sad? and my hair looks like a wet poodle. Me and my 4 years older cousin was taking photos in the woods, she really walked around with those Jeffrey Campbell high heels everybody had for a while. But can you imagine a 16-year-old girl climbing in those shoes on that mountain, I remember it being really high?

Photoshoot in the woods

This photo was taken in 2013, or 2014. I can’t remember, but we went to the Harry Potter museum in London. And I had never (?!) watched any harry potter movie, so I didn’t understand anything. (I still haven’t watched them, but I’ve read the books!) I look like a little grandma.

Harry Potter studio London

I will definitely do more blogpost’s like this if you guys liked this one! Tell me!

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