Little photoshoot

Yesterday me and a classmate had a little photo shoot after school, I wanted to take some pictures so I took some of her too! It was super fun! And she took really great pictures of me, but I had some bird poop on my jeans… I have no idea how it got there. So it ruined so many pictures for me!

Photoshoot in Gothenburg KungsportsplatsenIf you follow me on Instagram (Click here) you have seen this picture before, and if you look really close you can see some poop on my knee! Haha! So typical me, and I’m so embarrassed because I walked around in Gothenburg with poop on my pants.

Tomorrow I’ll probably go to my boyfriend, I haven’t been to his place since September, I miss him sooo bad. And I hope I can go, school decides that for me, if I manage to do all my homework tomorrow, then I’m free for the weekend!

Photoshoot in Gothenburg Kungsportsplatsen

The shirt is from Diesel, jeans from Na-kd, shoes Michael Kors

This is another picture! This is so cute, and I was so scared to fall down the river! I like this outfit a lot, especially the shoes, but they get dirty so fast, I can’t get where I walk, I must walk in the muddiest places??

Photoshoot in Gothenburg Kungsportsplatsen

I love all these plants! And it was so sunny yesterday, it was almost spring weather! Haha look at my little red nose, I always freeze.

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