5 weird facts about me

Today I wanted to do a really fun blog post, and that is… 5 weird facts about me. Haha! So I’m just going to start right away!

1. Hannah Montana Fan

Most kids just watched their favorite tv-series when they were young, but I had everything with my favorite girl. Hannah Montana, my mom used to buy so much merch, we’re talking carpets, guitars, clothes, child-makeup, bed sheets. When I catch up with my childhood friends, they usually say “your room was crazy, everything was Hannah Montana”, everything was literally Hannah Montana. Even my socks…

2. How I drank Coca Cola a couple of years ago

We never drank coca cola when I was younger, only when had like birthday parties. So it was really fun visiting my grandma because she gave us shot-glasses… and poured coca cola in them! And it’s funnier the more I think about it because we literally could sip on one glass for 15 minutes! I think this is really good tho, children should not drink soda, at all.

3. Goldfish

Before I was born, my mom and dad and big brother bought goldfishes, the small ones that only get 5-7 cm and you can have in an aquarium. There were 3 goldfishes and a couple of other fishes. But anyway, the last fish died, at the age of… twelve years! You read that right, the last goldfish (we called him Yoda) died at the age of twelve. And when he died, my father asked my little brother (he was only 6 at the time) if we should dig a little grave for it, throw it in the bushes or flush it down the toilet. My little brother said “throw it in the bushes” so we did,  and a couple of hours later it was gone, so probably a cat had the best meal of his life…

4. I waxed my legs…

This was only 6 months ago! It was one week left of school before summer break, and I really wanted to wax my legs so that I didn’t have to shave. So you know your girl does her things and start to patch these pink wax strips all over her legs. I wasn’t scared, at all. Some parts went really well, but the FRONT of my right leg started to bleed, and I got a really ugly red crusty scar on my leg, FOUR DAYS BEFORE MY GRADUATION DAY! So I had to put foundation on the front of my whole leg on my graduation, it looked so weird, and I get so embarrassed when I think about it.

5. I started to scream in the middle of an amusement park.

I think I was only 5 years old, and we were at Liseberg in Gothenburg. And I really wanted to go on a ride that I wouldn’t be able to go on for years. So I layed on the ground and started to scream and cry at the top of my lungs. And two guys gave me money, haha sometimes I want to be a little child again… I wonder if it works today?

Haha! I hope you guys liked these facts, they were really weird and out of the blue. But it was really fun to do! A quick question, I really want to redo my room, give me some tips about small changes I can do!

I’m so sorry for the boring picture, I didn’t have any fun in my gallery!

My current favorite things, Kevin Murphy anti.gravity the under-writing michelle miller lipgloss essence perfume

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