Is summer already here?

The last few days have been so warm! Is it warmer where you live too? I can’t wait until it’s even warmer outside, and the days are super long. I got a really bad craving yesterday, for taking a dip in the ocean? It’s probably ice cold, but I have the biggest spring feelings ever!

I had a math test today, and I was so nervous, I hope I passed it so that I can continue with my life. School’s really exhausting, and nowadays when I wake up my first thought is ”No, not again” I haven’t been able to have a full nights sleep in so long, or just taking some time off. So stressing.

Park Bench in Gothenburg

Sweatshirt// Karl Lagerfeld                Jeans// Na-Kd               Sneakers//Michael Kors

Do you guys now my new favorite thing is? Listening to Lorde. I LOOOOVE her, I couldn’t stand ”Royals” a couple of years ago, when it came out. And we always had that song as the stretch song in my dance classes (I was in like 5th grade) and one of my classmates started in that group… And I thought it was so embarrassing so I quit.

Park Bench in Gothenburg

I’m liking my bangs more and more! I look so cute, haha I’m so egoistic, but my face looks better with them! I made one of my classmates take this photo of me after we ate lunch, she took really good pictures!

Yesterday I went home to my grandma and spent my night there with my cousin. I’m going to go to her more often because I get to school faster, I got an hour more to sleep this morning. Can you imagine how happy I was? But on the other hand, I and my cousin was laughing until midnight last night.

I don’t have school tomorrow, so I’m going to study some chemistry, then I hope my boyfriend is going to visit me. I miss him so much, I wish that we lived closer to each other.

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