When life gives you lemons…

I’m so stressed out right now, I don’t even have time to pee! Haha, maybe it’s not that much, but it definitely feels like it. I only have like 2 test left this week, so that’s pretty good. I was supposed to have 5 test this week, but I went home earlier from school yesterday so I’m going to have that test on Monday.

I have so much pain in my legs right now, I’ve started to do 60 squats every day, and I’ve really started to see a difference! I’ve only done it for one week… But I have a lot more strength in my legs and they don’t start to hurt as easy when I walk a long distance. I’ve started to wonder if I should get a membership at the gym, but I’ll probably be one of the persons lying on the floor and watching Netflix.

I’m going to call my boyfriend soon and wake him up, then I’m going to sleep… He went to sleep earlier today and have to be up for a few hours now so he can sleep the whole night. A really smart idea, I’m going to start and do it every day after school, because I’m always super tired in the afternoons!

I wanted to edit something fun, so I tried to make a lemon background, does it look cool and artsy?

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