Right now I’m laying in my couch watching SKAM, it’s one of my favorite series. Last weekend I started thinking of changing my school to Oslo in Norway. It’s almost closer for me to go there every day than going to Gothenburg. Of course, I won’t change school to Norway, I would have to program subtitles in my brain. Jokes aside.

It has been a lot in school lately, but now I only have one important test left. So that’s such a relief, and I will stop complaining about how stressed I am. Next week I have a one-week school break for Easter.

I was at the hospital last week, nothing big. Just a little uti, so I took a cure of antibiotics, and I think it was really good for my skin and face because almost all of my acne disappeared. The uti also disappeared of course!

The plan for this weekend is a birthday party for my grandma tomorrow, she’s turning 73. Then on Sunday, I’ll have to study all day, and when I’m done with that, I’ll watch skam.

I really want it to be Tuesday now because then I’ll meet my boyfriend again. I met him two weeks ago last time, at his place. I haven’t been there in so long, and it was so cozy. We had such a good weekend together, we ordered pizza and ate it in his bed while watching that’s 70 show. He’s the best person I’ve ever met, nothing makes me happier than him.

Photo shoot on a balcony in Gothenburg

I bought a lot of new clothes last week also, I really needed it. Because I literally didn’t have any summer clothes! So I got two new jackets, a couple of skirts and shirts and so on. This is one of the outfits, what do you think? I jumped out of o window in one of my classes today just to take this picture.

Photo shoot on a balcony in Gothenburg
Jacket – Vero Moda,  Sweatshirt – H&M,  Skirt – Zara,  Shoes – Michael Kors
You can really see how short I am in these pictures, I’m only 157 cm.

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