Golden Hour.

As you know I was at my grandma yesterday, she turned 73 so she had a little birthday party. It was so fun, I like to hang out with my relatives, they are so hilarious. I almost pee myself every time I meet them!

My grandma lives on the islands outside Gothenburg, and the setting there is AMAZING. I also live on an island, but it’s not as beautiful as the small islands outside Gothenburg. And now when it’s starting to get warmer and everyone has launched their boats in the sea. It’s even more beautiful.

Some of my best memories come from my grandma’s house. I have one really weird, it was almost 5 years ago now, but it was in the middle of the summer and I opened the balcony door before I went to bed. Just when I was about to fall asleep, I hear maybe 3 guys going into my grandma’s yard. Then I hear one of them say ”You can pee here”… You can imagine what I heard next. SOMEONE PEEING. It’s hilarious today, my grandma couldn’t believe her ears when I told her.

It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait until I show my boyfriend this place for the first time.

Photo shoot donsö bridge boats boathouse golden hour
Sweater// Only,   Jeans// Karve Carlings,   Shoes// Michael Kors,   Bracelet// Thomas Sabo

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this picture. But I think it’s so pretty. My name is Caloveline on Instagram!

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