AND WE’RE HERE! I took 9,5 hours to drive here and we ate at IKEA, haha. After we got here we ate steak/BBQ, then my cousin and her boyfriend went to a sea nearby and took a bath. It’s so fun here! Although we’ve only been here for 4-5 hours. Tomorrow it’s going to rain […]

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Meeting my bestie!

So today I’m on my way to meet my bestfriend! You know, KingKatz. (LINK TO HIS BLOG) I think we’re going to spa or going to swim in the ocean somewear, because I’ve dragged my swimmingclothes with me. So now we need to 😂 I wish I lived in Gothenburg, it would be so simple […]

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35 This or That Questions

I took some inspo from my bestfriend, he also blogs. Here’s a link to his blog.  http://freedrics.blogg.se/   Dog or Cat? Dog Netflix or YouTube? Netflix Phone Call or Text? Text Toast or Eggs? Toast Cardio or Weights? Cardio Facebook or Twitter? Facebook Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice cream cone Mobile Games or Console Games? Console Games While walking: Music or […]

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