Volvo ocean race

Yesterday, me my boyfriend and family went to Volvo Ocean Race. We had a great time and it was alot of fun, we took a ride in the new XC90 Volvo. And we looked inside mny boats, super fun!

This boat was so big and reminded me of the sea Shepard boats! If I ever got to work on a boat, I would like to work as a captian on somebodys yacht or on the sea shepard boats!

Can you see the difference between these pictures?? I took the picture on the boat right before we we’re gonna leave and it was on the evening. And this picture on the afternoon when we got there. It’s crazy how the weather changes.

I also made some promotion for my blog! 😂 I’m wondering if somebody searched for my blog??

I was in Gothenburg with my boyfriend

As always, me and my boyfriend spent the weekend together. This time, he was at my place. And we went to Gothenburg, i needed to run som arrends.

Hahaha I just needed to buy a pair of high heels and a birthday present to my mommie, her birthday is today.

It’s so aesthetically pleasing with trams, you now undergrounds but overground. I always feel sick when I ride trams? And it always smells pee…

Then me and my boyfriend went to Röda Sten to watch ferries, and boats. WE MISSED THEM. Still angry to be honest.

He always takes cute pictures of me, he took some pictures on the real camera. But I just screenshoted this one.

This was when I tried on some high heels, and I wore costume pants. They look real ugly in the camera.

(My name is Caroline, and my boyfriend thought this was some flashy ass shoes, and they are. So I bought them)

Some pictures from Poland!!

So 1 one week ago I was in Poland with all the 9th graders in my school.

Here are the pictures!!

soo we began our trip with a boat from Sweden to Poland, nothing special.

because it was a bus trip we went with a bus everywhere. Quit fustrating because everyday we had a 7 hour long bustrip.

at firsr we visited Częstochowa to see the Black Madonna, to be fair. The Black Madonna was everywhere, where was the real Black Madonna???

we also visited auswitch, here is the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign, it was real though to go around there.

also a pick from auswitch, I watched the boy in the striped pyjamas with my boyfriend once. Not even thinking about what it was about or where it was. The real family who loved there had no idea what happend only a hundred a meters from them.

Here is Auswitch-Birkenau, the place where they only killed the people who got there. In Auswitch they worked until they got killed, or have I got it wrong?? Please tell me otherwise.

we walked around in Krakow, ir was real beautiful there. Aswell in Warsawa, we visited Warsawa too. But I don’t have any pictures there.

all the stores where closed in Krakow so we visited a café instead. They had so many different ice creams. And it was so good!!

Look how beautiful these horses are, they do not deserve the tradgedy they go through. These horses look some what healthy, but when you visit spain for an example. The horses are so sick, and skinny. It’s a terrible business.

Hello Again

I’ve really missed this blog, I’ve noticed that I become more sad when I don’t write.

Well, since the last time I wrote on here I’ve done pretty much actually. Hahaha, but still can’t drag my ass to school 🙃

Anyways, I was in Poland with my

class. It was an experience, we visited Auswitch.

I wasn’t in school all last week, because. I’ve catched another sickeness again. UTI, but it’s gone now so it’s okay. How many times have you’ve been on antibiotics? My latest half year, I’ve taken antibiotics 3 times. It’s crazy when you think about it.

I’m going to the hospital again the 4th of June, I wonder what they’ll say. I’m actually really nervous. But whatever happens they’ll find out what’s wrong with me.

Here comes some pictures!!

Took my first dopp (as we say in Sweden) in the ocean last friday. Let me tell you, it was so cold. But it’s so hot outside right now, like 26°C. 😅

Did I had fun on the coloring class?

Yes, I had! I colored a very plain picture, and then we sat with some clay and played! so it was really fun! I was so lucky so my mom was going to Gothenburg, so I didn’t have to take the bus and then the train. So she dropped me off and picked me up.

btw… the test before didn’t go that well…

When I just arrived me and my best friend took Subway! check his blog out, Link to his blog!

Here is outside of the art class, it’s so pretty. I can’t even.

Here you can see the Eriksbergs Kranen and one of Stena Lines ship.

In here we painted. We had so much fun! I’m really excited for next week!

Me and my mom saw a really pretty sunset on the way home!

The latest couple of days.

I know I haven’t updated, but I’ve been really busy these days. On Sunday I went to my boyfriend, you guys already know that. But we had so much fun, and I miss him so much.  I just want to lay down and cuddle with him the rest of my life.

So on Tuesday, I went to Gothenburg to meet with my best friend in the whole while world. His view from the balcony is perfect, I wish I lived in Gothenburg. We colored his hair blue, and then we went to the spa. When I went home, I picked up my cousin. And she stayed over till today.

This was yesterday when I and my cousin went shopping, I bought some things for my car. When I put it on I can show you!

I drove a guy in my school to his friend before, and when I went home a stayed by the ocean and snapped a picture.

I was at Ullared.

Today I went to Gekås Ullared, they sell cheap stuff and I think it’s Swedens biggest shopping mall. Anyways, we went with school and I sat in the bus 3 hours just to get there… and then 3 hours home again. I’m so tired now, you can’t even imagine 🙂20180314_1116461202019480.jpgThis is the store entrance, nothing special.

I didn’t buy so much… Hahaha, I didn’t need anything, but I got some underwear and some stuff like that.  I can do a haul tomorrow if you’d like?

It’s like IKEA, but with everything. Their restaurant is even like IKEAs, they have the same menu and everything, maybe they have the same catering firm.

This was on the way home, I thought it was really pretty with the boats and the little port.