Some goodies from Asos!!

I found some stuff I really want from Asos that I’m going to link here!

Glam Glow Set (Adlink)

I love this set from Glam Glow!!! I had a mask from their brand and I loved it. It felt like my skin was enchanted, and this set is also great to gift away. If you don’t know what your bestfriend,parents or partner want in present. You could gift this set!

Boohoo Dress (Adlink)

Look at this little number!! So cute! And it’s really affordable also, and it looks so summery with the lemons and flowers.

Miss Selfridge Playsuite (Adlink)

I looooove playsuits, their soooo cute. But it gets so troubley to go to the bathroom. But it’s worth it when you look like a godess.

Miss Selfridge Dress (Adlink)

This dress is so cute! I love the denim, it’s so fashionista! Miss Selfridge is such a good brand, they make so cute clothes. And also petite clothes, for short people like me.

ASOS heels (Adlink)

Look at these! I hate to walk in heels, but these shoes seems pretty good. And I love the espadrillo style!

I hope you liked this blogpost! See you guys tomorrow!


Running som errands.

So today me and my dad is going to see if I can take a new passport, and then we’re just going shop some food.

I have the worst period cramps, I literally want to bawl my eyes out.

Sunglasses – Gina Tricot

Jacket – Boohoo

Pin – Micheal kors

T-shirt – Karl Lagerfeld

Skirt – H&M

Bracelet – Marc Jacobs

Speaking of, have you seen their new collection with Paris Hilton?? I want to buy the tracksuit, that says “that’s hot” but, the hoodie she wears isn’t out yet. But the pants are?? Super strange.

I’ve ordered some dresses

Im 2 weeks my school is going to end. I’m done with my primary school now, so this fall I’m beginning a gymnasium. Gymnasium, is the school after high school in Sweden. You quit high school when your 16th years old.

Anyways, so I’ve ordered 2 dresses. One for the exam, and one for the dinner we’re going to have after. For all the 9th graders, I’m a 9th grader.

One of the dresses came today, it’s the dress I’m going to have on the exam. But today I ordered the dress for the dinner, I’m going to look like a princess in that dress. I’m so excited 😍😍

Right now I’m watching a documentary, it’s about Pixar. It’s really intressing actually. I had no idea that Steve Jobs was a part of it?? Well a little bit because I’ve watched all of his documentaries too…

Now I’m just waiting for the second dress!!

Goodnight my loves! ❤

Vegan Affordable Outfit

Today I’ve been in school, as always. Tonight I’ve been playing sims 4 and it was really fun! It’s been so long since I last played it, I have all the Sims 3 games,  I think that impressive.

I made an outfit, it’s all vegan. I think anyways. The bag isn’t affordable because it cost a little under 1000 dollars, but the rest of the set is verry affordable. The Kat Von D eyeliner is expensive, but it’s so good.

Remember that fur is worn by beautiful animals, not ugly humans.

vegan affordable outfit