Old photos of me

I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog post like this before! So this is going to be really fun! I sat and looked through old photos that I have on my computer and I’ve got some here for you. I thought that we could begin with the newest photo, this was taken this summer. […]

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I failed.

Noooo, I did the WWII test like 10 minutes ago. And I failed real bad, it was so hard 😭😭 Now I’m just sitting and waiting for 10 o’clock so I can go to my school counselor. These jeans looked very weird in the camera

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I have winterbreak now, only 6 months left in that school. And then I will begin high school in another place.  What have I done today? I was in school. Then when I came home I didn’t wan’t to be home so I drove to mcdonalds (or donken as we say in Sweden) and I […]

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