What have I been doing this five days?

It’s in the middle of the night right now, but it’s Swedens nationality day tomorrow so we have a day off from school. Anyways, it’s been like 5 days since I posted, and I’m sorry about that. But I’ve had so much going on the latest couple of days. This weekend I was with my boyfriend, and I wanted to be with him and not keep up with the blog. I was in school today btw.

I was at the hospital two days ago, and I got some new medications that I’m going to take for 2 months. It’s exhausting. But it will turn out good, I hope.

Last Friday we were on a checkup for our car, everything was perfect with it.

Once I got home I took a glass of ice tea, it was good. Hahahahah, the bunny that’s on the floor is our bunny’s toy. He likes to lick on it??

Here is me and my boyfriend, I love him so so much. Look how cute we are, I miss him, but we will meet again on Friday <3.

I spent the whole weekend with my boyfriend, so on Saturday his best friend and his best friends girlfriend went with us and took a little bath in the little sea nearby. I’ve only swum in the ocean before, so it was the first time ever my foot was dipped in the sea.

I have to study for a test on the second world war tomorrow, not so fun :/

And I have the biggest stomach pain from the medications I’m taking right now, hope the pain fades off soon ūüė¶

New tires for my car!

I said that I bought some stuff for my car! And it’s new covers for my tires. I also bought a deck / tire marker so I could paint my deck/tires. I wanted it to look like how Lightning Mcqueen looks like in Cars… I know it’s silly, but I wanted that Ferrari effect. Hahaha¬†on my little Aixam moped-car.


Here’s before!¬†


And here’s after!¬†



What do you think?? It looks better when you’re standing like 5 meters from the car. Haha. But it was the thought that counted…

Should I do something more with my car? repaint it? I have some cracks that I have to fix… The car is made out of plastic. If you don’t know, in Sweden you’re allowed to drive a car that’s limited to 45 km/h when you’re 15 years old. And then you can take the regular drivers license when you turn 18, or before.. But you don’t¬†get it until you’re eighteen. You can start with it when you turns 16.



The latest couple of days.

I know I haven’t updated, but I’ve been really busy these days. On Sunday¬†I went to my boyfriend, you guys already know that. But we had so much fun, and I miss him so much.¬† I just¬†want to lay down and cuddle with him the rest of my life.

So on Tuesday, I went to Gothenburg to meet with my best friend in the whole while world. His view from the balcony is perfect, I wish I lived in Gothenburg. We colored his hair blue, and then we went to the spa. When I went home, I picked up my cousin. And she stayed over till today.

This was yesterday when I and my cousin went shopping, I bought some things for my car. When I put it on I can show you!

I drove a guy in my school to his friend before, and when I went home a stayed by the ocean and snapped a picture.

Did this weekend have to end?

My cousin has been here the whole weekend, and it has been super fun. We were¬†out and drove all Friday¬†night and same last night. We went to sleep 6:00 AM… and we had our alarm on for 9:00 AM. So I’ve lived on 3 hours of sleep all day and still wake 10:00 PM. Not bad *Giving myself applauses*

Today we went to a museum in Gothenburg, it’s called Aeroseum. It’s an old hangar with a lot of airplanes, helicopters and old cars. It’s pretty cool. But this weekend it was miniature things…¬†RC – models.¬†

Here is an old Volvo from the war I think, and the helicopter is an ordinary military in Sweden.

A cute little wasp on this airplane.

They also had miniature boats, this is Titanic. They even had a little titanic that sank all by its self.

This is Stena Olympic, an old Stena Line boat. It went from Sweden to Germany.

A miniature¬†airplane, isn’t it cute? I wish I had the time to build my own miniature things. It seems really fun, especially painting them.

And last but definitely not the smallest, it was Lego there too. And someone had built a star wars thing. With the Imperial Shuttle ship in the middle and all the stormtroopers standing and taking orders.

So it was a really fun weekend! Now were loading up for a week in school, we don’t have school on Friday. And I don’t¬†have school on Thursday because that’s when I’m going to have my CT/ X-ray. I hope everything in my stomach is okay…

Sleep Tight! ‚̧

30 This Or That Questions #2

Rain or snow?¬†Rain, it’s cozier and you can still drive

Car or motorcycle?¬†Car, on a motorcycle you can’t drive in the winter and you can’t take a road trip¬†with all of your friends if they don’t have a motorcycle or a car

Comedy or horror?¬†Comedy, I only watch horror if someone is with me…

Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers! I LOVE Mcdonalds Mcfeast.

Paper or plastic? Paper, but plastic feels more luxurious, but paper is better for the environment

Boat or plane? Boat, I love boats, and I love the ocean. Last time I was on a cruise was to Germany at the beginning of this year

Painting or drawing? Paintings

Reading or writing?¬†Writing, because it’s funnier to write your own story than reading another one¬†story

Singing or dancing?¬†Hmm, this was a hard choice. I think I’m gonna take dance, I’m better at dancing.

T-Shirts or sweaters?¬†Sweaters, I’m cold all the time…

Flowers or trees? Trees

Phone or computer? Phone, you have all you want in your pocket.

Brown or black hair? I suit better in brown, but if I could I would like to have black hair.

Superman or Batman?¬†I’m a super big DC-fan, but I think I’m going to say, Batman, Superman was born a superhero. Batman became one.

Doctor Who or the Walking Dead?¬†Only watched TWD, but only the first season…

Lions or Bears? Lions are cooler.

Milk or juice?¬†Juice, I don’t drink milk at all.

Gold or silver?¬†I suit better in silver, and it’s easier to match. So silver.

50‚Äôs or 80‚Äôs music? 80’s, but I like the 50’s style more.

Google or Bing? Google.

Frozen yogurt or ice cream? FROZEN YOGHURT!!!

Cuddle up in front of a fireplace or light your fire in bed?¬†Hahah in bed I think ūüėČ

Wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding? Chocolate pudding! But I would get lots of pimples.

Make whoopee in your parents’ bed or at a mattress store?¬†Hmm, I still live home, so in my parent’s bed if they aren’t home… sorry, mom and dad…

McDonald‚Äôs or Burger King?¬†Mcdonalds…

Books or magazines? Magazines.

Circles or squares? Circles.

Cuddle in the morning or at night? At night, it feels like you and the one your cuddling with are the only one in the whole wide world.

Be on top or on the bottom? On top feels kinkier, but I have to say the bottom

Be kinky or be romantic? Romantic, kinky is fun too.

Money or fame? Fame.




The worst feeling in the world is sadness, when everyone around you are so happy and you are drowning in feelings you didn’t know existed.
It feels like you are sailing alone in a stormy sea, and in the horizon, you can glance an island with happy people, you scream at the top of your lungs but they just don’t hear you. It’s so frustrating, sometimes you just want to jump in the water and let the waves take you. But you keep fighting.

I’m not so happy right now, all I want to do is sleep, because when I sleep everything is fine. Every day gets harder right now. But I keep fighting, someday I will wake up happy again. But it’s not now.