New tires for my car!

I said that I bought some stuff for my car! And it’s new covers for my tires. I also bought a deck / tire marker so I could paint my deck/tires. I wanted it to look like how Lightning Mcqueen looks like in Cars… I know it’s silly, but I wanted that Ferrari effect. Hahaha¬†on […]

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The latest couple of days.

I know I haven’t updated, but I’ve been really busy these days. On Sunday¬†I went to my boyfriend, you guys already know that. But we had so much fun, and I miss him so much.¬† I just¬†want to lay down and cuddle with him the rest of my life. So on Tuesday,¬†I went to Gothenburg […]

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Did this weekend have to end?

My cousin has been here the whole weekend, and it has been super fun. We were¬†out and drove all Friday¬†night and same last night. We went to sleep 6:00 AM… and we had our alarm on for 9:00 AM. So I’ve lived on 3 hours of sleep all day and still wake 10:00 PM. Not […]

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30 This Or That Questions #2

Rain or snow?¬†Rain, it’s cozier and you can still drive Car or motorcycle?¬†Car, on a motorcycle you can’t drive in the winter and you can’t take a road trip¬†with all of your friends if they don’t have a motorcycle or a car Comedy or horror?¬†Comedy, I only watch horror if someone is with me… Hamburgers […]

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The worst feeling in the world is sadness, when everyone around you are so happy and you are drowning in feelings you didn’t know existed. It feels like you are sailing alone in a stormy sea, and in the horizon, you can glance an island with happy people, you scream at the top of your […]

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