Today is wednesday, that means painting at Röda Stens konsthall. Always fun, I finished the schabloon I started with last week.

Next week I’m gonna spray paint it. This is my bestfriends picture. link to his blog here.

When I paint or create something I stop thinking about all the bad shit. And it’s so relieving.

I’m gonna talk to my boyfriend now, say goodnight.

Goodnight, sleep tight! ❤

New Nails!!!

What do you think??

I made them verry long this time, and I like it super much!

I made it with gel as always, and then I did the dabbing teqnice on the glitter nail.

The Black nail polish is from Ciate and it’s in the colour “unrestricted glam”

And the glitter nail polish is from Essie, the colour is “set in stones”

Counting down the days!

Not long to sunday now… I wan’t christmas noooow. I don’t know what to wear tho… I’m going to wear black costume pants, hahaha is it called so?? here are them. I would like a red bralette. But that is cold. And it’s almost a bra… hahaha the struggles. It would look great with a red lace shirt too. But apparaently all the girls in Sweden with the size S/M thinks that too. Sooo… I won’t wear a shirt because I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. I have other blouses ofc… but nothing that matches the pants because it’s so high waisted. 

I don’t have blue hair anymore. I will show a pic tomorrow. 

7 days left 

Only 7 days left now until christmas!!! Only 4 days left in school, and then 6 months left in high school. I can do it. Today I’m gonna colour my hair, hahah no not a crazy colour. I’m gonna go brunette again. 

Today in my adventcalendar I got a shower gel, this calendar is so pretty. When I opened it for the first time it had a cute bow. I should’ve taken a picture. It’s from  L´Occitane.