Couples tag #2

How long have you been in a relationship? WE: 6 months on Thursday, 2 August, but technically almost a year in October. Who is tidier?  ME: Me, because I always throw my stuff in a corner on into my closet HIM: Her, it just feels like it Who snores while sleeping? ME: Him, it’s like an air compressor HIM: Her, […]

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Couple tag.

Where and when did we first meet? We say: We met online on a dating app called Yellow last autumn, and we met the first time 10th November, but then… It took 80 days to meet for the second time. But the second time we met was also the time we got together. What was […]

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Peel off mask.

Omg I love those masks, my boyfriend is here now and I smerd some of that peel of mask on him, poor him. I use mine from Jorgobe, it’s a danish company I think. But I’ve been using theire stuff for years. I like it so much! Especially that scrub thing for the face that […]

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Some silly photos of me

Hahahha, I thought I would do a little different kind of post tonight. I was scrolling through my gallery, and I saw some funny pictures of me. No maybe they’re not so fun. this was 3 years ago, me and my cousin was at an event. Hahah and we met Mamma Mu? I look the […]

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MC Feast and my boyfriend

After school today me, my littlebrother and father went to a nearby mall. My little brother bought a pair of shoes. Then we got McDonalds. I love Mc Feast, i can’t describe how much. It’s INSANE. Look how cute my boyfriend is, I literally die the cuteness death everytime I see him. Especially when he […]

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