Favorite Songs! #3

Hello guys! Not much has happened today, school as usual, but I can’t make you guys suffer another day and read about my basic, boring and plain schoolday. So I thought of doing a ”my favorite songs!” It’s been about 6 months since my last favorite songs.

Cocoon by Milky Chance

This song makes me so happy, it always makes me think of A, and it gives me such a cozy feeling.

Underwater by Cody Simpson

This song should be on the Billboard’s weekly list, I was at a Cody Simpson concert a couple of years ago

Wouldn’t it be nice by Beach Boys

Beach boys make so good songs! I’m like an old lady, but the tune in their songs is so happy.

Wait by Broken Back 

This song is also a happy song! When I listen to all of his songs I start to think about positive things, and that’s a really good tip actually. When you are feeling negative or sad or angry. Listen to a happy song, and you will let go all the bad thoughts.

Soon Christmas! <3

It’s Christmas in 11 days here in Sweden! I count it down with a advent calander.
So I’m going to give som tips on my 5 favorite movies! And I’m sure everyone has seen this movies!

5. The Polarexpress – It’s really exciting and I like the kids and it’s just so cozy

4. How the Grinch stole Chrismtas – This one is so funny and I LOVE Taylor Momsen!

3.  Love Actually – It’s a really cozy romantic movie! If you’re into romantic movies this one is perfect

2. Home Alone – OMG it’s so funny and Kevin is really smart hahah, how could they even forget a kid????

1.The nightmare before Christmas – Is it a Halloween movie or Christmas movie? Anyway it’s my favorite christmas movie (I watch it around halloween also, itäs so good) And Tim Burton really does good movies. I really like Corpse Bride also.