Recipe: Cupcakes

So today I decided to make some cupcakes, and I thought that I would share the recipe with you!

Ingredients for the cupcake:
3 eggs
175 g butter
1 cup sugar
2 ½ flour
150 ml milk
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
1 ½ teaspoon baking powder

How to do it:
1. Put the oven on 200°C
2. Melt the butter on a stove, you don’t have to but I think it’s easier to mix with the rest of the batter.
3. Blend the sugar, vanillia sugar and butter together.
4. Then crack one egg at the time, as you do this you will see that the batter will get fluffier
5. Then blend the rest of the ingredients
6. Put them in the cupcake cups and bake them in the oven for 20 minutes, don’t burn them, you want a golden brown color on them.

2018-10-21 021930693867180437465..jpg

For the frosting you will need:
2 ¼ icing sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
100 g Philadelphia butter

Blend all the ingredients together

2018-10-21 0222170311992678597..jpg

I don’t know if you guys knew that I like to bake a lot! Would you guys want a Halloween edition bake thingely thing??

Really?! again???

This weekend I went to my boyfriend, so right after I came home from school on Friday my father drove me to his house. My boyfriend had some friends over and it appeared some alcohol, I dropped my phone, so it looks like someone drove over my phone 10x times. I just had the screen fixed, sometimes I just want to bang my head against a wall.

Nothing more has happened really, we’ve been sleeping mostly, I’m so tired, and tomorrow I’m going up 5AM, I have an early week this week. But that gives me time to study after school, so it’s good. I have 2 tests next week and one paper to hand in this week. So it’s a quite soft week.

Right now I’m looking for cookies I just to eat when I was younger, haha so random. But my parents used to buy them in Germany, and it was Halloween cookies, they had a little ghost on them. Do anybody know what cookies I’m talking about?

2018-10-07 081503211393..jpg
Haha look at my little hand