Favorite Songs! #3

Hello guys! Not much has happened today, school as usual, but I can’t make you guys suffer another day and read about my basic, boring and plain schoolday. So I thought of doing a ”my favorite songs!” It’s been about 6 months since my last favorite songs.

Cocoon by Milky Chance

This song makes me so happy, it always makes me think of A, and it gives me such a cozy feeling.

Underwater by Cody Simpson

This song should be on the Billboard’s weekly list, I was at a Cody Simpson concert a couple of years ago

Wouldn’t it be nice by Beach Boys

Beach boys make so good songs! I’m like an old lady, but the tune in their songs is so happy.

Wait by Broken Back 

This song is also a happy song! When I listen to all of his songs I start to think about positive things, and that’s a really good tip actually. When you are feeling negative or sad or angry. Listen to a happy song, and you will let go all the bad thoughts.


HAPPY EASTER!!! I know it’s one day late… but I haven’t had the time to write any blog post the latest couple of days.

And I don’t know if I’m able to this week either. I have so many things scheduled. Some bloggers fly around to other countries just to go to a meeting. HOW CAN THEY NOT STRESS THE FUCK OUT?!?!?!

Hope you had a good easter! I definitely had 😉 My boyfriend was here from Thursday to Friday, and then on Sunday to today, I was at him. He gives the warmest hugs ever, I miss him so much… ❤

I did my x-ray on Thursday! They’re gonna call this o next week to tell me if I have a serious sickness or anything like that. I’m super scared that I have cancer, but maybe it’s just my brain-ghosts.

Write in the comments what you did this easter!


The worst feeling in the world is sadness, when everyone around you are so happy and you are drowning in feelings you didn’t know existed.
It feels like you are sailing alone in a stormy sea, and in the horizon, you can glance an island with happy people, you scream at the top of your lungs but they just don’t hear you. It’s so frustrating, sometimes you just want to jump in the water and let the waves take you. But you keep fighting.

I’m not so happy right now, all I want to do is sleep, because when I sleep everything is fine. Every day gets harder right now. But I keep fighting, someday I will wake up happy again. But it’s not now.

In 10 years.

In 10 years I hope I am happy, and if I still study, I hope that I’m studying to become an architect or maybe an marine biologist. I hope I have a own apartment in Gothenburg, or with my boyfriend, because he is the best person ever.

In my apartment I hope I have a kitchen-island, then every morning I could eat a quick breakfast there and after that I could walk my dogs, I would like to have 2 dogs. Alaskans Malamutes, but the need snow and motion, and I can’t give them that. I would also like to have Shih tzus, but they bark alot, don’t they?

Have you ever seen Bridget Jones diary? I would like my life to be as crazy as hers, but I already found my prince but you get the hang of it. I wan’t all of the Bridget Jones stuff except the boyfriend. Daniel was an asshole anyways, and Mark was a little bit boring.

I would like to be healthy, I’ve had alot of sickeness in my life. I’m done with that hospital chapter, well. I’m waiting for a doctors appointment right now.

Well this is just some of the things I wan’t to do, omg I thought I would be super cool taking pictures of my bed. nope. not at all. Look at my pillows tho, they are really satisfying, when you pet it it changes color.