Mini Haul

Yesterday I and my boyfriend were at that little place where you can buy cheap stuff, it’s called Göksäter. I bought some paint and a glitter paint. I’m going to start to paint again because it’s so relaxing.

When we got home we ate pizza, hahaha. My week of living as a real American is done now. Going to start eating salad. Have I told you guys that me a A is done watching HIMYM. Do you guys know any good series we can watch now together??

We sat up the whole night, I fell asleep at 7 AM… But around midnight me, A and my little brother rented “the Purge” I’ve watched those movies once before. And they’re so scary. So we sat and watched cringe Youtube clips all night after the movie.

Right now I’m skyping with my boyfriend, his mother came and picked him up before. I just tried a new thing… I ate pizza in my bed, IT WAS EVEN BETTER IN BED. I watched Gilmore Girls, I haven’t watched it for a week now when I’ve been with my boyfriend.


These Canvases I bought on Saturday, but I’m going to show them anyways, I also bought the long Canvas on Saturday.

Here’s the paint I bought yesterday! The black, green and the brushes I bought on Saturday too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Only the glitter paint and it was so cute! Definitely going to buy more Glitter paints, the canvas I’ve started on is so 2007. Going to show you guys when it’s ready!

Haul: Balmain, Michael Kors, Marc jacobs…

As you know I went shopping last friday and today, last friday with my best friend, you know Freedrics. And today my childhood bestie.

And I’m gonna show you what I bought!!

I’ll begin with the things I bought last friday in Gothenburg.

first this cute little bracelet, I’ve worn it everyday since. I always worn my Thomas Sabo bracelet for 3 years. This bracelet is from Marc Jacobs

And I found this little cute pin from Michael Kors, it’s a flamingo and I adore it so much!! Don’t my hair looks ugly as fuck??

But now for the things I bought today!!

This is a verry boring thing, but as you know I’m going to start my gymnasium this autumn. So I need some good notebooks. And I got this with 10 files in it, my inner schoolnerd just plopped out 😂

I also bought these cool sunglasses!! They looked so cute with my outfit today, the flowery shirt and ripped jeansjacket from Boohoo.

And last but not at least, I finally got my hands on the Balmain x Loreal collection!! I’m so happy, I looked at in Poland and I didn’t buy it, and when I got home I regreted it so much. But now I have it😍😍😍

Now I’m going to sleep because tomorrow will be a long and fun day! I’m going to visit one of my friends and then later on I will go to Gothenburgs islands 😂

Haul of yesterday at Gekås Ullared!

I thought I was gonna show what I bought yesterday! Nothing special… But I like hauls so, have you used some of these products? Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it! 🙂 

This is wet n wild’s contour stick, I liked it very much! I had it on today, it wasn’t bad! I like cream contours more than powder contour!

I bought some candy… I LOVE CAPRI-SUN BY THE WAY!!!! I drink it so much… I have an unhealthy relationship with Capri-sun, I’m not even joking…

I always have a ruler by my side, is that weird? I like to measure things… I bought an eyebrow razor… Going to fix my brows. Jeffree Star said that this wet n’ wild highlighter was super good, but it wasn’t blinding… I bought it in the shade ”precious petals”. Then I bought some mini hair-bands.

I didn’t want to show the underwear I bought so, so you get a sneak peak. I feel like everyone have that acrylic makeup organizer, so I bought one too, and it’s so practical. And I bought Therese Lindgren’s own lipgloss, it’s so cute! I bought it in the shade Vanilla. 100 nails from kiss to, I need them for my gel nails.


This is how the makeup organizer went! I think it’s pretty cute. By the way, LOVE those lipsticks from benefit!