Read,read and reading

Today I haven’t done anything at all, I woke up at like 9 AM, I was on the computer for like an hour. Then I went to our living room, and guess who fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later? Typical me, I’ve also readen and now my book is done, I had like […]

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Mini Haul

Yesterday I and my boyfriend were at that little place where you can buy cheap stuff, it’s called Göksäter. I bought some paint and a glitter paint. I’m going to start to paint again because it’s so relaxing. When we got home we ate pizza, hahaha. My week of living as a real American is […]

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I have winterbreak now, only 6 months left in that school. And then I will begin high school in another place.  What have I done today? I was in school. Then when I came home I didn’t wan’t to be home so I drove to mcdonalds (or donken as we say in Sweden) and I […]

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