First time.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend didn’t do ANYTHING. Well, we went to the store and bought a salad? HAHA NO MCDONALDS FOR ME. I’m just joking, but it was the first time I ate that salad, and it was pretty good.

Today we went to a mall and looked for beds, but while we jumped out of the car. MY FUCKING PHONE FELL AND NOW THE WHOLE SCREEN IS CRACKED. I literally hate myself. So I went comfort shopping for art stuff, it was a good shopping. Rip my bank account. And we went to Mcdonalds…. We are at my place again, we got here today.

I just did painted/did my nails and currently waiting for them to dry so I can paint a top coat. My boyfriend is looking for cars, do you guys know any good car brands? except for volvo…

2018-07-08 02168413673..jpg

Maybe I should start eating healthy stuff?? Acai-Bowls are so delicious, and this salad too…


New Nails!!!

What do you think??

I made them verry long this time, and I like it super much!

I made it with gel as always, and then I did the dabbing teqnice on the glitter nail.

The Black nail polish is from Ciate and it’s in the colour “unrestricted glam”

And the glitter nail polish is from Essie, the colour is “set in stones”

DIY How I do my gel nails at home

I’ve not done much today, I’m soon going to eat, I don’t know if my aunt is going to visit us…? my mom and dad did barbecue… I really miss the summer now, hahaha my parents so obviously… not everyone who goes out in the middle of the winter to do barbecue.

Do you like the shoes in the last picture? If you remember a couple of years ago, Selena Gomez had a collab with Adidas. They are shoes from the winter collection.

I took some outfit pictures before, I think it’s really fun. Going to take more tomorrow. But click the link below to see how I do my gel nails at home!