Old photos of me

I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog post like this before! So this is going to be really fun! I sat and looked through old photos that I have on my computer and I’ve got some here for you. I thought that we could begin with the newest photo, this was taken this summer. […]

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Winter wonderland.

Who else can agree on that snow looks beautiful and fun but actually is a pain in the ass? ME! I love it when it comes to skiing and you know winter stuff, but just plain half melted snow, NO. We actually have a word for that in Swedish, slask. I’m so ready for spring, […]

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So I’m going to jump on this trend-train! I looked up 2 photos from 2009, and I was 6-7 years old back then, a cute little bean. With a really ugly haircut, well if somebody would style it for me it would’ve looked good, but it just looked like a torn Target shoe sole. but […]

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