First time.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend didn’t do ANYTHING. Well, we went to the store and bought a salad? HAHA NO MCDONALDS FOR ME. I’m just joking, but it was the first time I ate that salad, and it was pretty good.

Today we went to a mall and looked for beds, but while we jumped out of the car. MY FUCKING PHONE FELL AND NOW THE WHOLE SCREEN IS CRACKED. I literally hate myself. So I went comfort shopping for art stuff, it was a good shopping. Rip my bank account. And we went to Mcdonalds…. We are at my place again, we got here today.

I just did painted/did my nails and currently waiting for them to dry so I can paint a top coat. My boyfriend is looking for cars, do you guys know any good car brands? except for volvo…

2018-07-08 02168413673..jpg

Maybe I should start eating healthy stuff?? Acai-Bowls are so delicious, and this salad too…


30 This Or That Questions #2

Rain or snow? Rain, it’s cozier and you can still drive

Car or motorcycle? Car, on a motorcycle you can’t drive in the winter and you can’t take a road trip with all of your friends if they don’t have a motorcycle or a car

Comedy or horror? Comedy, I only watch horror if someone is with me…

Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers! I LOVE Mcdonalds Mcfeast.

Paper or plastic? Paper, but plastic feels more luxurious, but paper is better for the environment

Boat or plane? Boat, I love boats, and I love the ocean. Last time I was on a cruise was to Germany at the beginning of this year

Painting or drawing? Paintings

Reading or writing? Writing, because it’s funnier to write your own story than reading another one story

Singing or dancing? Hmm, this was a hard choice. I think I’m gonna take dance, I’m better at dancing.

T-Shirts or sweaters? Sweaters, I’m cold all the time…

Flowers or trees? Trees

Phone or computer? Phone, you have all you want in your pocket.

Brown or black hair? I suit better in brown, but if I could I would like to have black hair.

Superman or Batman? I’m a super big DC-fan, but I think I’m going to say, Batman, Superman was born a superhero. Batman became one.

Doctor Who or the Walking Dead? Only watched TWD, but only the first season…

Lions or Bears? Lions are cooler.

Milk or juice? Juice, I don’t drink milk at all.

Gold or silver? I suit better in silver, and it’s easier to match. So silver.

50’s or 80’s music? 80’s, but I like the 50’s style more.

Google or Bing? Google.

Frozen yogurt or ice cream? FROZEN YOGHURT!!!

Cuddle up in front of a fireplace or light your fire in bed? Hahah in bed I think 😉

Wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding? Chocolate pudding! But I would get lots of pimples.

Make whoopee in your parents’ bed or at a mattress store? Hmm, I still live home, so in my parent’s bed if they aren’t home… sorry, mom and dad…

McDonald’s or Burger King? Mcdonalds…

Books or magazines? Magazines.

Circles or squares? Circles.

Cuddle in the morning or at night? At night, it feels like you and the one your cuddling with are the only one in the whole wide world.

Be on top or on the bottom? On top feels kinkier, but I have to say the bottom

Be kinky or be romantic? Romantic, kinky is fun too.

Money or fame? Fame.