My earrings

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Ur o Penn’s website (link)

one month ago I took earrings again, I’ve had it before but it grew back together. I took my earrings at Ur o Penn, the first time I took earrings we did it with a piercing gun, I’ve heard horror stories about piercing guns. As lucky as I am nothing never happened to me, but when I took earrings this time. It was also with a piercing gun. But this one is more humane to your ears because instead of shooting the earing inside you, the person who takes it shoots instead of the gun. It’s hard to describe. It’s soft and gentle.

My holes are still healing, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

You can read more about how they take their holes here

So now I’m going to wait for it to heal, the little paper I got said that I should wait 6 months to take them out, so only 5 more. Ur o Penn also har very nice earrings! for a cheap price! You have them here

Hahaha ugly selfie of me, but I wanted to show off my earing! should I take more? It’s real fun and it doesn’t hurt!

(this post contains adlinks)