It was so fun at the painting course!! As always, but this time was the last time 😭 After me and my bestfriend painted. We went and took some pictures, follow him here!! KingKatz (link here) Hahaha I took a selfie with a trashcan, because I look like one. Especially in this camera 🙃

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Today is wednesday, that means painting at Röda Stens konsthall. Always fun, I finished the schabloon I started with last week. Next week I’m gonna spray paint it. This is my bestfriends picture. link to his blog here. When I paint or create something I stop thinking about all the bad shit. And it’s so […]

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Röda sten konsthall

It was super fun at the painting course!! Today we did schabloons, and then we took a paper that reacteed to UV-light and sun light. So you but the schabloon on and then parts that don’t hit the light gets white. And the parts that hit the lights get dark. It was super fun! On […]

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