Goodmorning wonderful people! I’m currently at liseberg, something boring happend. Today is the day we can see if we got into the gymnasiums we applied to… I didn’t got in to the one I wanted the most… I had 0,5 points away. But maybe I can get into it later this summer, I don’t know […]

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I failed.

Noooo, I did the WWII test like 10 minutes ago. And I failed real bad, it was so hard 😭😭 Now I’m just sitting and waiting for 10 o’clock so I can go to my school counselor. These jeans looked very weird in the camera

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Hahahaha no I’m not that happy as I sound, actually I’m really tired and it feels like I’m going to throw up all the time. Do you want to know where I slept tonight? In our sofa, yes that’s right. It was so fucking warm in my room. So I walked out with my blanket. […]


What have I done today?

I’ve done nothing at all today. Well I watched 2 movies, and I’ve eaten a shit ton of things. I’ve also scrolled through Maddie Zieglers Insta a hundred times because her life is literally goals. I watched the dressmaker and some movie about a zoo in Poland in the second world war. It was terrefying […]

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In school

Just wanted to do a quick little update, I just had a english test, it went good. I hope. Anyways! Have a good day! ❤

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