Mini Haul

Yesterday I and my boyfriend were at that little place where you can buy cheap stuff, it’s called Göksäter. I bought some paint and a glitter paint. I’m going to start to paint again because it’s so relaxing.

When we got home we ate pizza, hahaha. My week of living as a real American is done now. Going to start eating salad. Have I told you guys that me a A is done watching HIMYM. Do you guys know any good series we can watch now together??

We sat up the whole night, I fell asleep at 7 AM… But around midnight me, A and my little brother rented “the Purge” I’ve watched those movies once before. And they’re so scary. So we sat and watched cringe Youtube clips all night after the movie.

Right now I’m skyping with my boyfriend, his mother came and picked him up before. I just tried a new thing… I ate pizza in my bed, IT WAS EVEN BETTER IN BED. I watched Gilmore Girls, I haven’t watched it for a week now when I’ve been with my boyfriend.


These Canvases I bought on Saturday, but I’m going to show them anyways, I also bought the long Canvas on Saturday.

Here’s the paint I bought yesterday! The black, green and the brushes I bought on Saturday too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Only the glitter paint and it was so cute! Definitely going to buy more Glitter paints, the canvas I’ve started on is so 2007. Going to show you guys when it’s ready!

The store

Me and my boyfriend woke up 15 o’clock today… and probably tomorrow too, fuck. I hate to wake up late and feel like I’ve thrown my whole day away. We ate pizza today, my mother and little brother was at my grandparents and helped them recieve 200 wine barrells from France. It sounds really really crazy, but it wasn’t that crazy.

We we’re there like 3 minutes then we left and drove to my boyfriend. We haven’t done much since we got here, well, watched How I Met Your Mother. And I spent half an hour crying on my boyfriend to. Poor him.

Actual photo of me trying to reach something on the highest shelf. Have anybody tried the “bun spray” from the colorista collection?? My hair always gets so crispy when I have it in a bun. It looks terrible.


I had so much fun yesterday with KingKatz!

When I got there we went directly down to their spa and relaxing place, hahaha. Then after we sat in the suana and taken a dip in the pool we went into town, well Gothenburg. Hahaha, we ate mcdonalds. No, I’m going to stop writing about Mcdonalds on this blog.

Right now I’m eating candy and watching Gilmore Girls. I love that series, it’s defiently my new favorite series!

Later tonight my boyfriend is comming, I miss him so so bad.


On our way home

We’re taking drive in at mcdonalds right now, going to buy a Big Chocolate Milkshake. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I really have an unhealthy relationship with Mcdonalds.

When I get home I’m goinf to throw myself on my bed. And watch… Gillmore girls!! Started watching it yesterday, and I’m already on S01E11, I think Gillmore Girls is my new favorite series!

What are you guys doing later tonight?

Euw, my milkshake tastes like strawberry.

This is the ferrie you need to take to the little Island my grandma lives on

Peel off mask.

Omg I love those masks, my boyfriend is here now and I smerd some of that peel of mask on him, poor him.

I use mine from Jorgobe, it’s a danish company I think. But I’ve been using theire stuff for years. I like it so much! Especially that scrub thing for the face that smells mint, all your pores and pimples just disapears.

Anyways, now we’re watching How I Met Your Mother. Oh, how I love that series, this is the third time I’m rewatching it.

Tomorrow we’re going to Liseberg for The Offspring, but I only know like 3 songs…

Here’s a cute picture of me and my cute boyfriend❤

13 Reasons Why : My Opinion


A couple of weeks ago the new season of 13rw aired. It was about Hannahs trial, the trial so she would get her justice.

I think season 2 was a very hard and tragic season to watch. Some things were great, like when Zach told us about him and Hannah. But things went less great when he told the judge that he didn’t want his friends to know about them, so they broke up.

Justin Foley also came back, but as a drug addict but Clay and Sheri took care of it, and I’m really happy that Clay’s parents did what they did. Adopted Justin, that was a really kind gesture of them to do. I think Clay needs Justin, they balance each other up.

But the thing I wanted to talk about is the last episode, I love this series. I’ve read the book, as soon Selena announced that she was going to produce the series. But even though I love this series, I must say, that the last episode was very graphic. But the series is about awful things, I’ve seen far worse things in The Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf. I think it’s so extreme because you know this series is about real stuff. This is not fictional, it’s real. And it happens around the world. Males also get raped, it isn’t just girls… They showed us when Jessica, Hannah, and Chloé got raped.

And it’s so sad that Hannah didn’t get her justice, but because this series needs to be so realistic as possible, they needed to do that. Because not many people get justice. And it breaks my heart that Bryce only got 3 months for what he did to Jessica, and Justin got 6 months? Justin didn’t do anything. But he didn’t stop it…

Only 6 of 1000 rapists get to prison.

This series is a great way to talk about it.

Anyways! That was my post about that, please let me know in the comments what you thought about this season!